Life & Pottery

Priyanka Dive
2 min readSep 11, 2022


What do you want from life?

Million dollar question we all are asking ourselves nowadays.

I hope some of us, the lucky ones, already have some answer, some have it in the draft & some haven't even started, but some may never even ask it.

I started questioning it long back & the answer keeps changing over time. But recently, when I started learning pottery, I began to align steps in pottery with life stages, especially in relationship with anything we do or try to build. It might be a very simple correlation between the art of pottery & life, but sometimes simple things teach you the most challenging lessons.

Dear Life,

Be like a pottery.

Mold with the potter’s wheel.

Be the clay, unfinished & scattered, ready for the play.

Let the potter’s wheel & the hands mold you into a beautiful shape.

Let there be push & pull between what you want & what you get.

Don’t worry if you don’t land in the center all the time. Make it work. Let the wheel movements & your hands work together to make it to the center.

Sometimes Be patient & climb up the wall layer by layer.

Some paths you will make it alone & somewhere you need a companion.

There will be time when you have the strength to be detached from the wheel slowly & gently.

Be patient while you wait for the warmth. All the traces of sadness fade away with the time & sunshine ☀️.

Like clay, you have a memory, some good, some bad.

When you are ready. Let the fire 🔥 burn all the bad & what's left is you only you.

That version of you will be authentic — Solid but fragile, Strong yet vulnerable. 🙂

Dear life, for me please be like a pottery in sync with the potter (creator) & molded by the hands (hardwork).



Priyanka Dive

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